World Physiotherapy eNews - September 2020

September 2020

World PT Day 2020 is a resounding success

World PT Day was celebrated around the world on 8 September.

The toolkit is now available in over 50 languages and materials have been downloaded 21,000 times.

The materials were developed to mark World PT Day, with an emphasis on the role of physiotherapy in rehabilitation after COVID-19 and the delivery of physiotherapy via digital health solutions, including telehealth. But we encourage physiotherapists around the world to continue using the materials as they will remain current throughout the pandemic.

If you celebrated the day, please let your national association know and send a brief report and a selection of photographs to
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New COVID-19 resources for physiotherapists

NEW briefing paper

World Physiotherapy has published its fifth briefing paper in a series exploring the impact of COVID-19. The latest looks at the pandemic's impact on fragile health systems and vulnerable communities, and the role of physiotherapists in the delivery of rehabilitation. While many fragile systems and vulnerable communities are located in low and middle income countries (LMICs), they can exist in all countries.
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Webinar for educators

The first in our series of webinars on the impact of COVID-19 on physiotherapist entry level education is now available to view. Watch Suh-Fang Jeng, Emma Stokes, Oscar Ronzio, Nina Ryland Olsen and Roy Film discuss teaching in learning spaces with restrictions. More webinars are planned on clinical/practice placement hours/delivery, digital solutions for online education, and reimagining entry level education.
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DisasterReady publishes tools to help physiotherapists in conflict and emergency situations

DisasterReady has curated the largest free online learning library targeted to humanitarian and development professionals at every stage of their career.

Designed to support physiotherapists setting a treatment plan for patients with acquired brain injury (ABI), fracture or amputation, their latest resources cover rehabilitation treatment planning for common injuries in conflict and emergencies.

These resources are available in Arabic and English.

People can also download an app to access the resources:

Download the app (Arabic)
Download the app (English)
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Cochrane Rehabilitation

Physiotherapist appointed
A physiotherapist has been appointed as co-chair of the governing board of Cochrane. Tracey Howe, member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, is the professor of rehabilitation sciences at Glasgow Caledonian University and the deputy chair of Glasgow city of science. Read the story.

Rehabilitation and COVID-19
To update the rehabilitation community on the growing evidence for the role of rehabilitation in management of COVID-19 patients, Cochrane Rehabilitation launched the REH-COVER (Rehabilitation – COVID-19 Evidence-based Response) action. Find out more.

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