World Physical Therapy Day 2017: new materials published

WCPT is pleased to announce that new materials for World Physical Therapy Day 2017 are now available for download from the WCPT website.


This year WCPT is encouraging member organisations to organise events, campaigns and publicity around the message “Physical activity for life”. The materials demonstrate how physical therapists can help keep people of all ages active. The message builds on World Health Organization recommendations for moderate and vigorous activity, and a range of research and reports showing the benefits of physical activity in maintaining health in people of all ages.


WCPT is making available a range of materials on this important topic to member organisations, regions, subgroups and networks for use on World Physical Therapy Day, on 8th September. As in previous years, the general theme and branding is “Movement for Health”.


The following materials are now freely available for download from the WCPT website at

  • A ready-to-print poster, flyer/leaflet and postcard with this year’s “Physical activity for life” message (aimed at patients and the public). These are also available in Spanish and French.
  • Two infographics – one on “How to measure physical activity” and the other on “Physical activity and improving health”.  Again, these are aimed at patients and the public and are also available in French and Spanish.
  • A list of resources with links to further information for your campaign (also available as a pdf to download).
  • Ideas on how to get involved and information about this year’s message (also available as a four-page booklet to download).
  • A social media graphic to use on social media to promote the day – remember to add the hashtag #worldptday in your postings.  Additional graphics will be added in the months leading up to the day.
  • Movement for Health logos and web ads.
  • Ready-to-print banners.
  • Stickers to print on standard printer labels.
  • A t-shirt design.
  • A press release template and guide to writing a press release.

WCPT would like to thank Jeremy Lewis and Cathie Sherrington for their support and assistance in the production of this year’s toolkit materials.  WCPT would also like to thank David Gorría, Sonia Souto, Roland Paillex and Roland Craps, for providing the Spanish and French translations.  Please note that the toolkit will also be made available in German in July.

If you have any questions regarding the use of any of the materials available please email

We look forward to receiving the reports of your activities later in the year and in the meantime good luck with planning your events and celebrations.

With best wishes



Mia Lockner
Communications & Office Manager

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