WCPT update after General Meeting 2019

Dear Colleagues

 It has now been three months since we all came together in Switzerland and following our first Executive Board meeting, I am writing to provide you with an update on a number of issues after the General Meeting in Geneva:


 The new Constitution was approved at 19th WCPT General Meeting held in Geneva 8-9 May 2019. This document has now been accepted by the Charity Commission in the UK and a copy has been uploaded to the WCPT Website.



 At our meeting the Board approved a work plan for the development of the regulations required to support the Constitution. Margaret Grant is the consultant who has been engaged to undertake this project and preliminary work has already commenced. Margaret is taking a phased approach to developing the documents.  It is anticipated that priority documents in the first phase will be completed by mid-2020. It is anticipated at that all documents will be completed by March 2021. All Members Organisations will be given the opportunity to provide input and feedback to the draft documents.

 Election of Regional Board Members

 The Constitution states:

 31.8      The term of each Regional Board Member:

(a)        commences immediately after he or she is elected or appointed; and

(b)        ends immediately after the election or appointment of a new Regional Board Member for the respective Region in the fourth year after the term commenced unless he or she ceases to hold the position earlier in accordance with this Constitution.

 The terms for Board members as randomly allocated during the General Meeting and confirmed at the recent Board meeting are:

 · Stacy de Gale                                       30 June 2021

· John Xerri de Caro                                30 June 2021

· Daniel Wappenstein                               30 June 2021

· Yasushi Uchiyama                                 30 June 2023

· Jean Damascene Gasherebuka              30 June 2023              


The Regulations for Regions and for Election of Regional and General Board members is being prioritised, and it is anticipated that this work will be completed by June 2020. A broad outline of the timetable is below.


Develop first draft

August/September 2019

Board approval of consultation draft

October  2019

Consultation with MOs, Regions & Subgroups

November – January 2020

Update draft to reflect feedback

March 2020

EB approves Regulations

May 2020

Implement Regulations for election of Regional and General Board Members

Commence June 2020


The timeline to implement the Regulations for election of Regional board members will enable the election of Board members from the South America, European and North America Caribbean Regions to be completed in early 2021 when the terms of the current Board members from these Regions ends.

 Congress 2021

 You may be aware we recently announced the membership of the Congress Programme Committee for WCPT Congress 2021 in Dubai. The interest in being a member of this committee was the largest ever and we are delighted with the caliber and diversity of this talented group of physiotherapists. The announcement has generated some discussion on social media and on e-mail about the Executive Board’s decision, announced in May 2018 to hold congress in Dubai. Views expressed have been both positive and negative as one might expect. It is worth noting that we are now at the midway point in our planning cycle for this event and preparations are well underway.

 I recognise that there was a brief discussion about this issue at the General Meeting and you may still have further questions. I have therefore written a blog clarifying the process that informed the Board’s decision for the wider community informed by my responses to e-mails received from four member organisations. We’ve also published some visitor information on the WCPT Congress 2021 website. You may find useful these resources useful if you receive any questions or queries from your members.

 · President’s blog

· Visitor information


If you have any queries about this, or any other matters in this email, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Jonathon. May I ask that you use this e-mail for WCPT communication and not my university or personal e-mails.

 With my thanks and best wishes,


 Emma K. Stokes