WCPT Press release: Physical therapy member organisations elect WCPT's President and Vice President




WCPT Press release

8th May 2019

For immediate release


Physical therapy member organisations elect WCPT’s President and Vice President

Emma Stokes has been elected as President and Melissa Locke has been elected as Vice President of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT).

Voting delegates from 107 WCPT member organisations took part in the election at WCPT’s General Meeting on Thursday 9 May at the Starling Hotel Geneva, Switzerland.
Election for President
Total votes cast                                 107
Votes cast for Alain Belanger             17
Votes cast for Emma K Stokes           89
Invalid vote                                           1
Election for Vice President
There were three candidates for the position of Vice President: Alain Belanger, Melissa Locke, John Xerri de Caro. In line with WCPT’s Articles of Association, any candidate who is unsuccessful in the election for President may put themselves forward for election as Vice President. After two rounds of voting, Melissa Locke was elected.

Round one
Total votes cast                                  107
Votes cast for Alain Belanger              10
Votes cast for Melissa Locke               51
Votes cast for John Xerri de Caro       45
Abstentions                                           1
Round two
Total votes cast                                  107
Votes cast for Melissa Locke               58
Votes cast for John Xerri de Caro        48
Abstentions                                           1
Regional board members
In separate meetings, voting delegates also elected four regional board members who will join the President, Vice President, and the previously-elected board member for the European region John Xerri de Caro, on WCPT’s Executive Board.

Africa Region of WCPT
Jean Damascene Gasherebuka was unopposed and elected

Asia Western Pacific Region of WCPT
Yasushi Uchiyama was unopposed and elected

North America Caribbean Region of WCPT
Candidates:      Tony Chang
                         Stacey de Gale
Stacey de Gale was elected

South America Region of WCPT
Candidates:      Karim Alvis
                         Daniel Wappenstein
Daniel Wappenstein was elected

About the WCPT General Meeting and Congress
The WCPT General Meeting took place on 8 and 9 May, and the WCPT Congress was due to take place on 10-13 May. More than 4,300 physical therapists are expected at the WCPT Congress.

Further details about WCPT Congress 2019: https://www.wcpt.org/wcpt2019
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