WCPT Congress Update - 1 July 2017


WCPT Congress 2017 – update

Ten things to do in and around Cape Town

The WCPT Congress offers the opportunity to explore South Africa’s legislative capital.

From hiking up Table Mountain to visiting notorious Robben Island, here are ten ideas to get you started.

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Pain science provides answers as biomedical models to trauma and torture fail

A biopsychosocial approach to treating pain has helped April Gamble improve care for victims of torture and trauma in Iraq.

The topic is debated in detail in the focussed symposium on post-trauma pain, with speakers Justine Dee, Laila Jeanne Jacobsen, Anne-Mette Karrer and Jepkemoi Joanne Kibet.

Read more: http://www.wcpt.org/news/torture-trauma-July17



Maximise your use of social media

Social media offers a great way to connect with others at the WCPT Congress while sharing with the physical therapy family around the world.

Find out how to make best use of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to capture your experience and create new connections which will endure for years.

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It’s time for pelvic floor physios to stand up and shout

Pelvic floor physical therapists need to highlight everything they can do to help people of all ages, according to specialist Carina Siracusa.

Siracusa leads Monday's focused symposium on paediatrics and pelvic health alongside Els Bakker, Dawn Scandalcidi and Wendy Bower.

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