Promoting Physical Activity in Children, the Role of Physiotherapists

To the European Region Member Organisations

The Chairman of the European Region and Professional Issues WG, Sarah Bazin, and the member of the Professional Issues WG & Swedish Association of Physiotherapists, Charlotte Chruzander, will present on behalf of the Region in a EU Commission meeting on 30 November 2017 the following document developed by the Region. Attached agenda of the meeting and the document itself

Health Promotion & Disease Prevention
• Promoting Physical Activity in Children, the Role of Physiotherapists - November 2017
Action Number: 1609 – EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health
Purpose and aim of the document
The EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health is a forum for European-level organisations, ranging from the food industry to consumer protection NGOs, willing to commit to tackling current trends in diet and physical activity.
The aim is that, led by the Commission, the Platform will provide an example of coordinated action on this problem by different parts of society that will encourage national, regional or local initiatives across Europe.
The European Region of the World Confederation for Physiotherapy (ER-WCPT) aims with this action/commitment to contribute to the efforts of the European Commission and Member States to prevent and combat overweight and obesity by promoting physical activity in children.
 Furthermore it is also aimed to:
• Promote and engender the notion of physical activity as an ESSENTIAL part of a healthy lifestyle in children, which can contribute to reducing morbidity and mortality of diseases related to lifestyles in the short and longer term;
• Inform about disease prevention and health promotion focusing on the priority group of children and schools;
• Make the healthy option available to schools.
The document provides information and resources for Physiotherapists and all health professional, stakeholders, Member States, including local authorities, to assist and support them in advocating and influencing the EU as well as national governments, government departments and local authorities with regard to a physical and healthy life style in children.
Besides the recommendations on physical activity and how it affects across the life span starting from children, the document also includes information on:
1.    How Physiotherapists promote and prescribe physical activity programmes in the areas of prevention, maintenance, promotion and treatment for children, highlighting programmes/campaigns in Europe;
2.    Database of National and Member States guidelines on physical activity/exercise or health promotion strategies, actions and campaigns for children – Including ER-WCPT Member Organisation actions to promote and disseminate physical activity/exercise benefits for children;
3.    EU policy documents, WHO and EU co-funded projects (DG RTD; Chafea) or other relevant projects.
We hope this information will lead to the formation of new partnerships to promote physical activity with the different stakeholders of the Platform.