Next week: New knee course and join us at ER-WCPT!


There is so much to talk about this month, I'm going to leave it to the newsletter to do the talking - don't miss all that is going on at ER-WCPT and the new knee course and resources in Physiopedia Plus! But before all of that a little of my recent thoughts.....

We've had a busy summer of open online courses with the Cerebral Palsy and the Physical Activity MOOCs and they are now both coming to a close.  In the next few weeks I will be writing up the reports for both of these courses and I know that we are going to break all records - over 20,000 students from 168 countries!!

The internet has enabled us to open up access to resources and expertise allowing for effective knowledge translation across geographical and geopolitical boundaries.  However, this isn't without it's challenges, especially in a health care profession.  Some countries don't have any professional recognition leaving standards of practice open to interpretation, this creates challenges among our global cohort of students. Another significant challenge is that of academic conduct, this varies massively. In some countries it is expected to copy, in others this is termed plagiarism and not good or professional practice. Our challenge is not to exclude the groups that challenge us but to educate them to elevate their levels of professionalism. 

This challenge generally arises from countries where our profession is represented but not yet well established, in fact the individuals from these countries are some of the most motivated learners that we see.  We cannot resolve this situation alone but we are in a fortunate position to kindle the flame.  We will use our knowledge, networks and technical expertise to continue to develop open access educational offerings for all.  It's up to you to learn, get involved and fill the vessel, together we can make all that we do at Physiopedia an asset to our profession!  


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Join us at the Physiopedia Hackathon
Starting with our a small focused team of enthusiasts will be pulling apart the Physiopedia project and building it back up again into a modernised and innovative resource that our our profession can be proud of.  Any Physiopedia user is welcome, no technical skills required, just enthusiasm to help us build the very best resource for our profession. Places are limited, booking is necessary and we'll buy your lunch!!



Try out virtual reality on the Physiopedia exhibition stand
We're all over virtual reality this year.  We're interested in how we can optimise it's use in physiotherapy practice for individual health?  Besides it's fun and we want to have a play!  Come and try out the very latest Oculus Rift virtual reality headset on the Physiopedia stand (47, next to Elsevier), we're looking forward to brainstorming physiotherapy specific ideas.



Physiopedia presentations
Rachael Lowe will be discussing open access digital resources (11 Nov, 09:35 – 10:45, 3B and 11:15 – 12:30, 4C). Michelle Lee will be presenting her work that reviews the educational projects in Physiopedia (12 Nov, 14:45, 3B).  Physiopedia director Michael Rowe will be presenting his work that identifies the current landscape of open online courses in health professions education (12 Nov, 11:45, 11C).  The Big Physio Survey poster will also be on display throughout (poster number 232) .



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58 new cerebral palsy resources  
Cerebral Palsy is one of the commonest disorders of child development.  Update your knowledge to improve the quality of lives of children.

58 new resources

23 new book chapters

22 new journal articles

2 new video interviews

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65 new physical activity resources  
Every patient contact can benefit from the messages echoed in this new physical activity content so make the most and inspire your patients to take control of their health!

65 new resources

7 new book chapters

19 new journal articles

5 new video interviews

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The Fight for Free Trust Worthy Education
Professional-specific wiki projects are popping up everywhere - but the challenge remains as to how to maintain quality in resources such as Wikipedia. Physiopedia is a leader in creating and promoting free scientific peer-review content, and continues to maintain quality through collaboration with academic institutions across the globe. How has Physiopedia affected your practice? Do get in touch to tell us about your experiences.


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Looking Ahead to the Future of PT: Highlights from Ascend 2016
Last month saw the meeting of rehab therapy business specialists at the Ascend conference in Texas, bringing together Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists in private practice. Three major calls to action emerged: Define your 'Why', Leverage your Data, and Get Involved and Take Action



ICRC runs advanced course on amputee rehabilitation
Did you join our highly successful Physiopedia online course (MOOC) on amputation? Well in September the ICRC took this a step further with their advanced course on amputee rehabilitation. Participants on the week-long course developed practical skills on top of theoretical knowledge for the management of this population within a global approach, as well as sharing respective experience and concerns.



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Pozvánka na VI. Sympozium Roboticky Asistované Rehabilitace