Newsletter from the WCPT's ICCrPT

Greetings to WCPT’s member organizations and their cardiorespiratory subgroups:


As the International Confederation of Cardiorespiratory Physical Therapists  (ICCrPT), we are sending along our latest newsletter, the September 2018 edition (please see the attached).

We hope that your readers will find the content inspiring, illuminating and, perhaps, somewhat controversial!


Please distribute this newsletter widely among your members. We do apologize for any duplicate emails to your organization.


Content includes WCPT congress 2017 review, congress 2019 preview, features of membership, upcoming 2018-19 events and courses, topical publications, Twitter activities,

a call for ICCrPT Executive Committee members, research updates, and thoughts on cardiorespiratory physiotherapy practices – just to mention a few.


We look forward to readers’ comments.





Diana Hopkins-Rosseel

Secretary, Executive Committee

International Confederation of Cardiorespiratory Physical Therapists

Pozvánka na VI. Sympozium Roboticky Asistované Rehabilitace