Go for efficient physiotherapy through free e-learning

Dear WCPT representative,
Dear colleague,

Continuing education for PT’s is imperative, no doubt about that !
But often people don’t have the possibility, nor the financial resources to do so, unfortunately...

I would like to make continuing education accessible for a large group of therapists, for FREE !
Through different e-learning platforms I offer a perfect solution for therapists across the world who want to improve their skills in an easy way

In order to promote efficient e-learning I present a series of monthly FREE webinars

I would like to take the opportunity to invite you to join the next orthopaedic medicine  webinar, which will be broadcasted on 16 february  2019.

Topic :
"Interpretation of a musculoskeletal functional examination"

During the webinar you will also have the opportunity to ask questions and to communicate with peers, by using the live chat.
In 2019 we also plan following FREE webinars
  • March 2019 : "Articular and muscular lesions of the hip, diagnosis and treatment strategy"
  • April 2019 : "Ligamentous lesions of the knee, diagnosis and treatment strategy"
  • May 2019 : "Ligamentous lesions of the ankle, diagnosis and treatment strategy"
  • June 2019 : "Importance of referred pain in lumbar patients"
May I kindly ask you, as an honourable WCPT representative, to forward this announcement to all your local association members ?
By doing so, together we go for more efficiency and satisfaction in physiotherapy !  Thank you in advance for your collaboration.
By the way, perhaps we will meet during the next WCPT conference in Geneva ? 
I’ll be there !  Feel free to make an appointment !


Besides the free webinars, you are also welcome to download the free ebook "Clinical reasoning in orthopaedic medicine" ; 156 pages of relevant information on diagnosis in the extremities and the spine.

many greetings,

Steven De Coninck, chair ETGOM
European Teaching Group of Orthopaedic Medicine

It's my purpose to keep you updated on evolutions in musculoskeletal medicine continuing education projects, free webinars and ebooks, the distance learning online learning platform, as well as the free "Tips and Tricks" newsletter and ETGOM social media scientific groups, in order to inspire you and to bring you to your next level of expertise in orthopaedic medicine in your daily practice.  
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