Feedback from the WCPT Board meeting



Feedback from the WCPT Board meeting

Dear all


The WCPT Board met from 3rd – 4th March 2017 at a face to face meeting in London. A range of matters were considered at the meeting and some of the key issues are highlighted below:


Annual Audit

WCPT has appointed new auditors for the period 2016 – 2018. The firm of Crowe Clark Whitehill have provided WCPT with an audit plan that was reviewed in the meeting. The Board anticipates that the audited accounts and annual report will be approved at the next meeting of the Board at the end of May.

 WCPT Regions

At the Regional Summit in Liverpool in November 2016, the attendees agreed that it would be advantageous to have stronger communication between the Board and the Regions. This Board meeting was the first time that the Chairs of the regions were invited to provide a written update on the activities of their region.

The Board was delighted to welcome the Regional Chairs to the meeting - they joined electronically – and there followed a very interesting discussion on their reports.

In time, it is anticipated that this initiative will help to strengthen links between WCPT and its Regions and between the regions themselves.


The Board received a report on Congress, which indicated that delegate numbers were consistent with projections. The planning for the event is at an advanced stage and the Board is very excited about the event and the opportunity that this provides to showcase the Africa Region to the world.

The Board reviewed the selection process for future Congress and General Meetings. Information will be forwarded to MOs in the next 8 weeks regarding these plans.


The CEO updated the Board about the recent changes to the staff at WCPT and indicated the recruitment process to employ the new professional adviser had resulted in an outstanding pool of applicants. He noted that the successful applicants were:

·         Birgit Mueller-Winkler started 6th February as the part-time Professional Adviser bringing valuable experience to WCPT following her role as International adviser at the CSP and project lead for ER-WCPT Congress 2016.

·         Héðinn Jónsson will join as the full-time Professional Adviser starting 27th March and will be relocating from Iceland. During his career he has been the President of the Icelandic Physical Therapy Association (IPTA) and since 2013 has led a project group appointed by the Minister of Health to implement a programme to introduce exercise on prescription in the entire Icelandic health care system.

The Board confirmed the appointment of the CEO after completion of his six-month probation period.

Governance Framework

The Board has been working on a Governance Framework that documents the required practices and procedures related to the Board and Board Committees. These include:

·         The Board Charter which identifies the responsibilities, accountability and relationships with the Board subcommittees.

·         Board Operating Guidelines, which guide the scheduling, agenda and timing of meetings and requirements for the presentation, submission and approval process for providing information for Board and Committee consideration.

The terms of reference for the Board subcommittees were also reviewed and updated to ensure consistency of language and structure.

Board development

The Board appreciates the need for its ongoing development and are very open and eager to do so. Since its inception, it has persistently focused on improvement, and undertaken relevant professional development sessions. At this meeting an external facilitator undertook a session with the Board on governance and what this means to an organisation seeking to achieve best practice in this area. 

Future directions for Board development will involve utilisation of self-evaluation tools to undertake a skills audit and board performance review.

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