Dotazník Vestibulární rehabilitace

Dear Therapist,


My name is Deirdre Murray. I am a physiotherapist and I am the gate keeper for this survey on Vestibular Rehabilitation in Europe.  It has been designed by researchers in Dizzynet, a European Network for Vertigo and Balance Research. The aim of Dizzynet is to create a platform for collaboration and exchange among scientists, physicians, technicians, and physiotherapists in the fields of basic and translational research, clinical management, clinical trials, rehabilitation, and epidemiology. The network will also promote public awareness and help establish educational standards in the field.


The aim of this survey is to investigate current clinical and research practice in rehabilitation and examine inter-country differences.  Your views on vestibular rehabilitation and education and training will be sought as well as research activity in the area.

This survey is being administered from Trinity College Dublin, Academic Unit of Neurology and the data controller is Dr. Dara Meldrum, Research Fellow. Ethical approval was obtained on 08/05/2019 from Trinity College Dublin.


Should you have any queries in relation to the survey, please email Dr. Meldrum on


The investigators on this study are;

Dr. Ondrej Cakrt

Dr. Hassen Kerkeni

Dr. Christophe Lopez

Prof.  Klaus Jahn

Ms. Lisa Burrows

Dr. Frederick Tjernstrom

Dr. Oz Zur


The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. Your responses are anonymous, we will not be collecting or recording your email information or any other identifiable information. Your participation is voluntary

The link to the survey is here