Approved minutes of the Executive Committee meeting held on 21 September 2017, in Dublin, Ireland

Approved Minutes              


Minutes of the

Executive Committee Meeting

21 September 2017

Dublin, Ireland



            Chairman:                                                    Sarah Bazin

            First Vice Chairman:                                Roland Craps

            Second Vice Chairman:                           Esther-Mary D’Arcy

            WCPT Board Member:                             John Xerri de Caro

            Treasurer:                                                   Roland Paillex

            General Secretary:                                    David Gorría





1. Welcome



The Chairman of the European Region, Sarah Bazin, welcomed all members of the Executive Committee (EC) to the meeting in Dublin, Ireland.


The Chairman especially thanked the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) for helping to organise and host the EC, Joint and separate Working Groups’ (WG) meetings and its generous hospitality. It was noted that the EC meeting was taking place in Dublin in order that the EC members could review with the host MO the facilities for the 2018 GM, the registration for delegates and other logistics.



2. Approval of the minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held on 29 March – 1April 2017, in Zagreb, Croatia



The Minutes of the last Executive Committee Meeting, held on 29 March – 1 April2017 in Zagreb, Croatia, were approved with minor amendments.




3. Matters arising from the Minutes



No matters arising were expressed or recorded.



4. Approval of the agenda



The draft Agenda was agreed and approved


5. Correspondence from 03.04.2017 – to date



The General Secretary reported on the main correspondence and e-mails received.


It was agreed that other issues as related to correspondence and the agenda would be discussed under their relevant points.



6. WCPT Issues

  1. WCPT issues
      • WCPT Executive Board Meeting 1st July 2017
      • WCPT Membership Committee
      • WCPT 2017 Congress & WCPT 2019 GM and Congress
      • Issues of the European Region with WCPT – meeting with WCPT CEO on 16 June 2017
      • WCPT Database of experts
      • WCPT Subgroups - Their relationship to Member Organisations
      • WCPT and INPTRA.
      • Addressing conflicts between different Associations in the same country.
      • Strengthening the relations between Regions
      • The WCPT Articles of Association and Board Charters. Terms of Reference to the WCPT Board Charter and operating guidelines
      • WCPT accreditation of PT entry level programmes
      • WCPT congresses.
  2. WHO Europe
  • Mental Health group –Statement 
  • Call for submission of papers for a special issue on obesity and unhealthy diets in the WHO European Region – Deadline 31st May 2017.
  • WHO session 2017




WCPT Board meeting

The WCPT Board met on 1July 2017 in a face-to-face meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, prior to the WCPT Congress. A range of matters were considered at that meeting and some of the key issues have been already highlighted to MOs and regional contacts


The next WCPT Board meeting is scheduled for 1st and 2nd December 2017 in Hong Kong.


The Executive Committee of the European Region noted this date in order to address in time possible issues from the Region through the Chairman according to the role of Regional Chairs as interlocutors of their Regions to WCPT.

Member Organisations will be informed about the dates and asked for possible issues to be addressed related to WCPT.


For Information: Marco Y. C. Pang, was appointed as the Asia Western Pacific WCPT Board Member following the resignation of Melissa Locke due to personal reasons.


WCPT Membership Committee

The next WCPT Membership Committee meeting is scheduled for 26 September 2017 via teleconference

The General Secretary has submitted a report to WCPT for the meeting about the situation in Macedonia following his workshop engagement in June – July 2017 in Skopje.



WCPT 2019 GM and Congress

Roland Paillex in his capacity as President of the Swiss Association of Physiotherapy and the MO hosting the 2019 WCPT GM and Congress reported that preparations have started, after the official launch in South Africa 2017 of the countdown for the next world event.

An open call for chair and members of the WCPT Congress 2019 Programme Committee has been circulated.

The EC agreed to support Charlotte Hager as European Region candidate for Chairman of the Committee.


 European Region (ER) issues for discussion with WCPT – meeting with WCPT CEO on 16 June 2017


As agreed at the previous EC meeting and according to the defined role of the Regional Chair with regards to WCPT Issues, the Chairman of the European Region and the General Secretary met with the WCPT CEO in London on 16 June 2017 and discussed the following topics:


    WCPT Database of experts – A motion was presented at the 2016 Regional GM to develop/create and maintain a database that will serve as reference for the MOs, aiming to assist them in addressing any challenging queries pertaining to patient care, professional and managerial/administrative issues. The motion was withdrawn since the WCPT President proposed to use the WCPT database of experts and suggested to collaborate, instead of creating a new one and duplicating work.

The WCPT CEO reported that the database has already 300 experts and agreed to prepare a communication for the MOs on how to use it, request expertise support and how candidates / experts can apply to join the database.

The General Secretary will contact WCPT to prepare the correspondence. The former Icelandic Association President, Héðinn Jónsson, is now working for WCPT and  is in charge of the WCPT database of experts.


As consequence the Professional Issues (PI) WGs will not continue, for the moment, its action to develop a network to support MOs and WGs on their various activities/projects.


    WCPT Subgroups – It was discussed how to ensure the required membership of physiotherapists within the national MO prior to becoming a WCPT subgroup. Some MOs have asked about how to ensure that this requirement is fulfilled and how to check that those physiotherapists within a subgroup are members of a national MO.

The relationship between Subgroups and Member Organisations was discussed since a number of concerns reached ER such as: the situation where following national subgroups formally linking to WCPT subgroups their involvement with respective MOs may change, especially with respect to membership and therefore it was felt that a process of reconfirmation through the MOs might be necessary. Even more - at every WCPT GM there must be a reconfirmation of MOs support meaning that those MOs, that supported in previous GMs would be asked to reconfirm their support rather than it being assumed.


The WCPT CEO noted the above, which will be taken into consideration for the reformulation of the WCPT subgroups rules of procedure and relation with MOs.


Formal collaboration between WCPT and the International Network of Physiotherapy Regulatory Authorities (INPTRA) –The ER asked about the implications and plan for the formal collaboration with this network. The WCPT CEO noted that the aim is to collaborate in projects as appropriate.


Physical Therapy Assistant Workforce: The ER asked about the planned work being developed regarding the above.

The WCPT CEO stated that it is a project for discussion and agreed with the Region’s recommendation about the use of the correct terminology for this occupation: Physical Therapist or Physiotherapist Assistant rather than physiotherapy or physical therapy assistant.


    Addressing conflicts between different Associations in the same country – The WCPT CEO reported that the WCPT membership committee is working on how to resolve these conflicts including setting out the procedures to challenge Membership status if the case arises.


    Strengthening relations between Regions – The ER suggested increasing communication and relations among the WCPT Regions for example by circulation of the Regions’ reports submitted to the WCPT Board meetings and sharing of resources and material.

The WCPT CEO agreed.


    The WCPT Articles of Association –The WCPT CEO reported about the planned revision of the WCPT Charter for the 2019 WCPT GM. Some of the points raised in the discussion and others, which MOs may present, will be taken into consideration.

The ER noted that its Charter would be aligned following the outcome of the WCPT GM.


    WCPT accreditation of PT entry-level programmes – It was noted that this accreditation process only aims to undertake accreditation of programmes when requested and does not intend to interfere with national systems where in place or to create any kind of rankings or market competition.


Glossary and Regional Annex – A version of the ER Annex for the WCPT glossary was submitted in July 2017 to be published


The Executive Committee thanked Sarah Bazin and David Gorría for the detailed report and agreed with the next steps, as listed above, to be fulfilled.



WHO Europe

WHO Europe - Mental Health –

As agreed at the last EC meeting, the ER secretariat circulated to the MOs the multi-disciplinary consensus on Mental Health in Europe – Collaboration with WHO Europe of the European Region and other stakeholders – on the 3rd of May 2017.


The objective of this joint initiative is to establish contacts between associations representing staff groups that work closely together in mental health services in order to agree shared priorities and shared actions in areas of common interest:

  1. Mapping the status of the mental health workforce in the European Region
  2. Planning shared activities to improve mental health services across Europe
  3. Advocating for better policy and practice
  4. Exploring possibilities to improve effective ways of working of mental health staff
  5. Considering joint actions in response to emergencies.


A fourth meeting of staff groups active in mental health in the European Region has been scheduled by the WHO Regional Office for Europe in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 22 September 2017. Most unfortunately all of our representative colleagues (Executive Committee and Working Groups members) were unable to accept the invitation to participate as coincides with the Executive Committee and three Regional Working Groups meeting on 21 – 23 September in Dublin. Written apologies were sent from the secretariat, noting that Michel Probst from the Mental Health Subgroup is attending so our profession’s expertise is represented through him on this occasion.

Despite this exceptional situation, the European Region will continue its involvement with this group.


Call for submission of papers for a special issue on obesity and unhealthy diets in the WHO European Region – Deadline 31st May 2017.

The Professional Issues WG (PI WG), on behalf of the European Region submitted the Region’s commitment / document on Promoting physical activity in children, the role of Physiotherapists, which is being prepared for the EU Platform for Physical Activity of the European Commission, to WHO Europe. Once finalised, the document will be presented to stakeholders of the platform and Member Organisations during the second half of 2017, November 28 - 30.


67th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe.

The secretariat reported that no invitation has been received by WCPT for the 67th Session. Furthermore the secretariat had tried to contact directly the WHO Europe without success.

The EC agreed to re-contact WCPT and WHO Europe to clarify the situation and avoid this problem recurring at the next session.













































































































































































































7. Member Organisation Issues


7.1 Invitations from the MOs & Issues



  • Albania – 20 – 21 May 2017

The Chairman participated in the third National Congress of Physical Therapy in Tirana, Albania. The event took place on 20 and 21 May 2017.

Furthermore she met with Deputy Minister Rauf Dimraj and discussed reforms related to the physiotherapy profession and education. Afterwards the Chairman sent a letter to the Prime Minister reporting on the main topics discussed which were;

  • The establishment of an Order of Albanian Physiotherapists to ensure that only those who have followed an approved curriculum are registered as Physiotherapists and to separate the Physiotherapists from the Nurses. 
  • To establish co-operation between the University, the Albanian Association of Physiotherapists and the European Region of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (ER-WCPT) for the drafting of a four-year Undergraduate education BSc level Physiotherapy course.
  • To request that the Ministry of Education and Sports consider the opportunity for the Albanian Physiotherapy Association to have a representative on the National Examination Agency for the licensing of Physiotherapists until the Order is established.
  • To give consideration to the accommodation offered in hospital Physiotherapy Departments so that there is space for active rehabilitation, which would be difficult to achieve with the facilities available at the present time.


  • Bulgaria – 9 – 10 October 2017, Conference in Sofia and letter of support to the authorities.

The Bulgarian Association (BAPT) has requested two actions for support of the EC and European Region. 1. Support by sending a speaker to give a lecture in the biggest medical University in Bulgaria – The Faculty of Public Health. The Director of ASPHER and the Director of EUPHA will participate. The event will take place on 9 and 10 October 2017 in Sofia and it is entitled “From European to National Health Policy”. Due to agenda conflicts and previous already engaged commitments, the Executive Committee noted that no member can attend in this occasion the conference.

2. Support by sending a letter to the authorities. The EC agreed to review all the documents received from the Bulgarian colleagues and prepare a letter / response to the Bulgarian colleagues. The 1st Vice Chairman and the General Secretary will lead the letter preparation.


  • Croatia – 31 March 1 April 2017

The Second Vice Chair participated with a presentation in the Annual Conference of Croatian Society of Physiotherapists in Toplice, Croatia on 26 – 28 May 2017.


  • France – 23 -25 June 2017

The Second Vice Chair participated in the national congress of the French Association (FFMKR) on 23 -25 June in Castres, France. She gave a presentation about the EU Proposal for a directive on a proportionality test before adoption of new regulation of professions (COM(2016)0822-C8-0012/2017-2016/0404(COD)) based on the Region’s position and with references to other health professional associations. 


  • Greece – Meeting in Brussels – 20 June 2017, EC meeting and conference to support them in November 2017

The General Secretary, on behalf of the European Region, held a meeting with colleagues of the PanHellenic Physical Therapy Association (T.A.) and Region’s lawyers in Brussels on 20 June 2017. At that meeting they reviewed the process for title recognition of physiotherapy qualifications / training from UK university branches in Greece.

Besides a report about title recognition of UK branch universities, which will be shared with all the MOs, there are clarifications on-going with HCPC in the UK, which as soon as resolved will lead to a full report.


The General Secretary has also already started contacts with colleagues from the PanHellenic Physical Therapy Association (T.A.) for the next EC meeting which will be in Athens, Greece, on 23 – 24 November 2017, in order to continue supporting the Greek colleagues actions at national level and participate with presentations on its national congress on 25 November.

A letter of support has been also requested and will be prepared by the Chairman and General Secretary.


  • Serbia – 7 – 9 September 2017

The 2nd Vice Chairman and the General Secretary participated with presentations in the 8th Congress of Association of Physiotherapists of Serbia held on 7 – 9 September 2017 in Kladovo, Serbia. They gave presentations about physiotherapy education and reasons to regulate the profession and its consequences.


  • Slovenia – requested support by participating in a Conference in March 2018. The EC agreed to send two delegates to that conference. In order to ensure participation and send the most appropriate speakers, the General Secretary would contact Slovenian colleagues asking about the conference dates, venue and topics to be addressed.


  • Slovakia – 13 – 14 October 2017

The Chairman has accepted an invitation to participate with presentations in the Congress of Physiotherapists of Slovakia, which will be held on 13 and 14 October 2017.


  • Lithuania – 12 – 15 September 2017

The Chairman participated with presentations at the conference of the Lithuanian Physiotherapy Association and in a meeting with the Ministry of Health.


  • Hungary 11 – 15 October 2017

The Chairman has accepted an invitation to participate with presentations in the Congress of Physiotherapists of Hungary, which will be held on 11 and 15 October 2017 in Budapest, Hungary.


  • Macedonia – 28 June – 2 July 2017 & 18 – 19 October

The General Secretary has been requested to get involved in a project as EU legislation expert on “Implementation of the legislation on mutual recognition of professional qualifications – field of Physiotherapists” in Macedonia. It is a EU funded project related to the accession of Macedonia to the EU.

The purpose of the project is to present to the legislator and Physiotherapists the situation and EU context with this regard. He gave a two-day workshop on 30 June and 1 July 2017 in Skopia.

The project aim is to provide information for regulating the profession in Macedonia according to EU standards, which it must fulfil as part of the “EU club rules”. Aims also include creating an order or register of physiotherapists in Macedonia in a later stage.

One of the expected outcomes of the project is to change the education and practice legislation for Physiotherapists through regulation of the profession.


During his time in Macedonia the General Secretary met representatives from the three existing physiotherapists associations in Macedonia;

  • Association of Physical Therapist of the Republic of Macedonia – Current President
  •  Association of Professional Physiotherapists of the Republic of Macedonia
  •  Macedonian Society of Physiotherapists

A report was submitted to WCPT for membership issues

Next steps: An awareness event will take place in Skopje on 19 October 2017 and a presentation has been requested with a time plan proposal and steps for profession regulation.


  • Montenegro 6 – 8 October 2017

The Chairman and the General Secretary are participating with presentations in the Second Congress of Physiotherapists of Montenegro, which will be held from 6 till 8 October 2017 at the hotel "Ramada" in Podgorica, Montenegro. The theme of the congress would be "The value and importance of physiotherapy".


  • Italy – AIFI – 12 – 13 October 2017

The WCPT Board Member of the European Region has accepted an invitation to participate with presentations in the Congress of Physiotherapists of Italy, which will be held on 12 and 13 October 2017 in Rome, Italy.


  • Portugal – 10 – 12 November 2017

The Chairman has accepted an invitation to participate with presentations in the Congress of Physiotherapists of Portugal, which will be held on 10 and 12 November 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal.























































































































































































7.2 European Region Future Network group



Planned actions

It was reported that due to several reasons this group has not yet been able to circulate its planned survey to the Member Organisations and student contacts. The results of this survey will form the cornerstone of the group’s starting activities such as promotional, material, actions MOs should develop, etc.


A teleconference will be organised in early October to finalise it and circulate the survey before the end of October. The deadline for gathering responses will be mid-November 2017. Analysis of the results and establishment of a plan and actions will take place in December 2017 with a view to starting to implement them in January 2018.


Call for a regional facilitator of WCPT Future Network from the European Region

The European Region supported as candidate a second English Native speaking facilitator. The candidate after consensus with European Region Network colleagues was Matthew Camilleri, from the Malta Association of Physiotherapists. The main reason for supporting an English native speaking facilitator was that the other current facilitator is French Native speaking. By having two of the most spoken or understood languages in the Region the aim is to spread communication of both networks as much as possible.






8. European Issues


8.1. EU Commission

  • Proportionality Test Directive proposal
  • European Professional Card Survey
  • Mutual evaluation exercise
  • Action DG Sante – Cross border study
  • Common training test
  • Partial Access



The General Secretary reported on the latest developments and initiatives of the EU.


  • Proportionality Test Directive proposal

As agreed at the last EC meeting the General Secretary has taken actions related to the legislative process of the proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on a proportionality test before adoption of new regulation of professions.


The General Secretary has:

  • Continued discussion with other health professions for a common content of the organisation’s own position statement. Main position agreed is to ask for the exclusion of application of the Directive’s scope to health professionals;
  • Prepared a document to inform European MOs about the directive proposal;


The EC reviewed the statement prepared by the General Secretary and agreed it.


The statement will be posted on the website and circulated among the MOs with a list of all related documents to the Directive and a link through which it is possible to follow through to the EU institutions legislative proposal developments and next steps.


  • European Professional Card

The 1st Vice Chairman was invited as expert speaker representing the Physiotherapy profession on the field of the last two events of the European Commission about the Professional Card and Single Markets. Those events were:


  • Mutual evaluation exercise
  • Action DG Sante – Cross border study

The Study has been published - tasked by the European Commission; DG Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE) and the Consumers, Health, Agriculture, and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA), to a consortium composed by Ecorys Nederland B.V., Erasmus University Rotterdam and Spark Legal Network and Consultancy Ltd with the name: “Study on cross-border health services: potential obstacles for healthcare providers.” and Transparency and mutual evaluation of regulated professions –

The Executive Committee agreed to review the final version published to check if the remarks presented by the European Region have been added as appropriate and taken into consideration as discussed with EU Commission representatives


  • Common training test

At the present time the EU Commission – DG Growth – in charge of this action is focused on the EPC. For this reason and due to the situation the EC agreed just to contact the EU Commission to ask for possible changes or start actions if the Commission is willing to support the project and a delegated act is in place. The General Secretary will make the contact in November 2017.


  • Partial Access

The secretariat and MOs are on alert for possible cases leading to Partial access allowance, which will be evaluated by the Region’s lawyers, who are prepared for intervention if needed. Focus is specifically on possible cases related to Masters of Physiotherapy for non-physiotherapists.







8.2. ESCO – latest developments



The secretariat has contacted the ESCO project officers on behalf of the European Region asking about the current developments. The feedback received was as follows:

The following feedback was received from the ESCO Project Officers


  • ESCO v1 is published free of charge and accessible through the ESCO service platform. The platform includes two separate definitions for the same occupation of Physiotherapist. One definition is the created and agreed by the European Region and the second is the agreed by ILO in their ISCO classification. The same applies for physiotherapist assistant.
  • A “Conference to showcase ESCO v1” will take place in Brussels on 9 and 10 of October 2017. The General Secretary has accepted an invitation to assist. A report will be presented after the conference.


The EC thanked the GS for the report and he will continue to follow the developments of ESCO.





8.3. MoU and its promotion- meeting with CPME on 12 January 2017



The EC continues to evaluate the impact of the MoU on MOs associations and informing them of the value of the MoU’s contents.





9European Region Foundation


9.1. Report and recent developments



The European Foundation WG members have discussed next steps for further development of a successful funding proposal at their next meeting. Those are:


The Region has proposed some topics to the EU Commission related to this topic and is waiting for responses.


The Foundation WG will schedule its next meeting taking into consideration the upcoming funding calls to be opened.









10. WG Issues


10.1 Joint meeting of the WGs: 22 – 23 September 2017, Dublin, Ireland.



Regarding the joint meeting of three of the ER-WCPT WGs, it was reported and agreed as follows:


  1. The agreed agenda with their annexes were circulated among all WGs and EC members.
  2. The host organisation (ISCP) had taken care of the accommodation and logistics for the meeting in close cooperation with the General Secretary.


After the discussion of the documents, the versions agreed would be circulated among the WGs for further possible comments before the fourth WG meetings and then presented at the next 2018 GM.


The agenda, timetable and presentations for the meeting were reviewed.


The EC thanked the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists for all the excellent preparations for the meeting.


No other WG Issues were expressed or recorded.





11. Professional Issues Matters


11.1. Report on recent developments



The Chairman of the PI WG reported that no meeting of the PI WG had taken place since the last EC meeting.


The WG Chairman informed the meeting about the work undertaken by the WG and other planned actions.


The fourth WG meeting has been provisionally planned for 18 – 20 January 2018 in Valletta, Malta.






12 EU Matters


12.1. Report on recent developments



The Chairman of the EU WG reported that no meeting of the WG had taken place since the last EC meeting.


The WG Chairman informed the meeting about the work undertaken by the WG and other planned actions.


The fourth WG meeting has been provisionally planned for 25 – 27 January 2018 in Valletta, Malta.





13 Education Matters


13.1. Report on recent developments



The Chairman of the EDU WG reported that no meeting of the WG had taken place since the last EC meeting.


The Chairman of the Education Matters WG informed the meeting about the work undertaken by the WG.


The fourth WG meeting has been provisionally planned for 1 – 3February 2018 in Athens, Greece.





13.2. European Region and ENPHE collaboration



The Chairman of the Education WG and 2nd Vice Chair is continuing to work with the ENPHE subgroup on Direct Access – which is aimed at developing the educational needs to become a direct access physiotherapist professional.


As part of the ER-WCPT collaboration on this project, she, and the ER Chairman, participated in the last ENPHE meeting on 13-14May 2017 in Porto, Portugal.


ENPHE Autumn Seminar is in Iceland (May 22-23 September 2017) and overlaps with current meetings of the Region. The 2nd Vice Chairman will contact ENPHE colleagues for outcomes of the seminar and will continue to work and to collaborate between both organisations.


Based on a suggestion by the ENPHE President, Patricia Almeida, for ENPHE colleagues and Education WG members to join the WCPT Network of Educators, the Executive Committee is considering to prepare a motion for the GM to develop a European Region Network of educators, aligned to the WCPT one. A motion will be prepared for the next EC meeting including aim, purposes, expected outcomes, added value for the MOs and how to lead and conduct the network.























14. Financial Matters


14.1. Report current account and Reserve fund



The Treasurer, Roland Paillex, reported that the finances of the European Region presented at the time of the meeting the following positive figures:

  • Deposit account: 78.878,44 EUR
  • Current account: 21.655,60 EUR
  • Reserve fund:     18.149,42 EUR

                      TOTAL: 118.683,46 EUR


The 2016 Financial Report has been circulated and agreed by the 2018 GM auditors (Netherlands and Denmark)


It was also noted that the European Region has started to build its social reserve fund to cover liabilities that may arise from contracts engaged for a period of 6 months allocating €3.500. in 2017. €2.500. will be allocated in 2018.





15. Publication and Promotion


15.1 Actions for the period 2016 - 2018

  • ER promotional material, videos and presentations
  • Presentation for those not familiar with the European Region and Autonomy & Direct Access
  • Project – 1 Year - Branding #physiotherapy & #ERWCPT




  • Survey

- The results of the pop up survey, to identify users of the European Region have been passed to the EU Matters WG. Based on the results this WG will recommend if there is a need to re-arrange the information on the website according to main users.


  • ER promotional material – video and new banners

- The Executive Committee is working towards the preparation of a presentation for those who are not familiar with the European Region and another one about Direct Access and Autonomy. John Xerri de Caro and the General Secretary are leading this action.

- The ER is also developing a video about the Region, its actions and role, highlighting the importance of MOs membership, how the ER works to position physiotherapy at EU and national level and other relevant issues. This video may be included within the project outlined in the point below.

- The ER will also explore videos from the MOs, which could be used by the Region, and other MOs.


  • Project – 1 Year - Branding #physiotherapy & #ERWCPT

The General Secretary presented a proposal for EC members’ evaluation.

The project proposal focuses on co-creating with ER-WCPT and its MOs an Audience Development Plan to develop a unique and creative storytelling able to communicate physiotherapy profession benefits to society as well as ER-WCPT and its members’ work for promoting the profession.

The project will have 1-year duration starting in October 2017.

In order to maximize the impact of the project and provide the most cost-efficient service, a capacity building workshop on Creative Storytelling and Audience Development will be delivered for up to 40/50 participants (ER-WCPT, MOs and Stakeholders); and an ‘Essential Guide for Audience Development & Storytelling applied to physiotherapy’. The aim is to provide a methodology that can be implemented autonomously by the ER and its MOs in the coming years.


The EC members agreed the proposal and the General Secretary will start the necessary actions with the company in charge of the project. MOs will be informed in October about the project that will be a topic for the Workshop at the 2018 GM, and its time plan.

The Workshop will take place the day before the 2018 GM.















16. European Region Congresses


16.1 Evaluation 2016 Congress – Meeting with CSP 15 June 2017 

Evaluation and financial report



As agreed at the last EC meeting, the Treasurer and General Secretary went to London to meet with CSP colleagues to address some queries.


At that meeting the discussion focused on the revision of the financial report. The 2016 Congress had a total income of £421.533 from delegate fees, exhibition and sponsorship. For all the successful congress preparations the total expenditure amounted to £421.105, giving a surplus of £428.


Since the aim of the Region is not to make a profit from its congress but to have the best possible one and the host CSP covered all related and necessary expenditures the EC and host agreed that the result was successful for both.

Half of the surplus has been transferred to the Regional account.

















16.2 Invitation for bids to host the European Region Congress 2020 –



The Executive Committee has invited the MOs to consider making a bid to host the 5th European Region Congress on Physiotherapy – 2020


At the time of the meeting no bids from the MOs have been received to host the 2020 Congress. For this reason the EC agreed to explore with some MOs the possibility of hosting the Congress



The scope of 2020 Congress will be "Physiotherapy Education linked to Professional Activity and Research”.


The Executive Committee will take a decision on the 2020 Congress at its next meeting in November 2017.











17. 2018 GM


17.1 - 2nd announcement (elections, registration form), invitation to WCPT, and call for the European Region awards



The EC reviewed the time plan for the 2018 GM and confirmed and agreed the following actions:


  • 1st Notice to the MOs was sent on 25 April 2017, one year in advance, informing them about the venue and date, the deadline for Charter amendments of 25 October 2017 - and the positions for election – Chairman, Treasurer and WCPT Board Member – Deadline for nominations 25 January 2018.
  • The General Secretary has sent an invitation on behalf of the Region to the WCPT President and the CEO to attend the 2018 GM who have accepted.
  • 2nd Notice to the MOs will be sent by 25 October 2017, 6 months in advance. MOs would be informed about the registration, deadlines for other amendments or motions, and receive the necessary forms for elections nominations.
  • Contribution from the Reserve Fund: The EC agreed to offer a contribution of 550 Euros from the Reserve Fund to the MOs of less than 1.500 members that need financial support to attend the 2018 ER GM. This amount is to cover 3 nights hotel accommodation, workshop, GM registration fee and the gala dinner.
  • 2018 GM documents should be circulated by 25 February 2018 at the latest.
  • Besides the list of terms related to the GM documents, the summary of the main documents to be discussed which will be prepared by each WG as appropriate, the Executive Committee agreed to organise a GM explanatory morning session on 26 April 2018 prior to the GM which would be open to all MOs interested.


Further discussion relating to the 2018 GM will take place at the next EC meeting, such as presiding officer and observers etc.


The EC thanked the ISCP for all the preparations.















17.2 - Workshop prior 2018 GM



The EC has agreed the topic for the 2018 workshop prior to the GM as mentioned in agenda point 15.


The topic is Branding #physiotherapy and #ERWCPT. The MOs would be informed about this in the second notice.







17.3 - Meeting with the host organisation, budget, review of the time table of actions and visit to the venue – ER-WCPT awards - committee



The Executive Committee met with colleagues from ISCP and the General Manager of the hotel where the 2018 ER-WCPT GM would be held to visit the hotel facilities and time plan.


After the revision a few issues would be presented to the hotel through the host MO. The General Secretary will coordinate them with ISCP.


ER-WCPT 2018 Awards

It was reported to the EC that according to the timetable for the ER-WCPT awards, an Awards Committee would be established based on the candidatures received by 25 September.


The Awards Committee would review the nominations received by 25 October and make recommendations to the Executive regarding the recipients of ER-WCPT awards to be presented at the General Meeting in 2018.






17.4 - Invitation for Bids 2020 GM



The invitation for bids to host the 2020 GM of the ER will be sent to the MOs in October/November 2017. The GM venue will be confirmed at the 2018 GM.


The EC members have reviewed, clarified and improved the guidelines for hosting the GM according to the recommendations received and experience from their participation and involvement.


Bids received by 12 January 2018 will be discussed at the 1st EC meeting in 2018.





18. Executive Committee Issues


18.1 Revision of the European Region Charter for 2018 GM



The EC agreed at its last meeting to align the Regional Charter to the WCPT approved Charter in 2015 and editorial changes.


Other changes about the content will be reviewed after the 2019 WCPT GM in which a revision of the Charter is expected.


The WCPT Board Member, John Xerri de Caro, will prepare the 1st draft, which will be discussed by all EC members during the EC meeting in November 2017.


The General Secretary has already informed the MOs about this decision within the 1st Notice for the 2018 GM.














18.2 Roles and principles for EC members



The 1st Vice Chairman presented a draft version of the EC member roles, duties, principles, and activities taking into consideration the WCPT new governance principles and rules, board members and Regional Chair roles. The draft already included the comments from the other EC members after the last EC meeting in March 2017.


The EC members made some additional comments.

The 1st and 2nd Vice-chairs will work on the next draft and circulate for final agreement. When agreed a final version will be circulated to the MOs with the nominations forms for the 2018 GM elections.













18.3 Expenses of EC members



The Treasurer, Roland Paillex, is putting in writing the agreed rules for costs and expenditures to be covered by the European Region budget related to the EC positions’ duties.


The guidance document will be finalised and presented at the next EC meeting in November 2017







20. Secretary Issues



No other secretariat issues were expressed or recorded.



21. Diary dates



The Diary Dates were reviewed and it was agreed to include the following dates and events.


  • 2017 October 9 – 10, ESCO conference in Brussels, Belgium
  • 2017 October22 – 23,Bone and Joint Decade MSK in Berlin, Germany
  • 2017 November 21, Fit for Work in Brussels, Belgium



22. Any other business



No other business was expressed or recorded.





23. Date and place of the next meeting



The next Executive Committee Meeting will take place on 23 - 25November 2017 in Athens, Greece. Arrival date on 22November 2017.




24. Closing



The Chairman thanked all members of the Executive Committee for their contribution.


She also expressed her thanks to the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) for hosting the meeting and its generous hospitality.